Sharda School Of Nursing Science & Research, Sharda University on the Occasion of World Health Day organizes “Panel Game on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” on 8/04/2024.

Panel games are an effective teaching and awareness technique. It will offer an environment for the effective distribution of knowledge on COPD, promoting consciousness and early recognition. It supports a more accepting society by eliminating the stigma associated with respiratory disorders. These events provide people the power to make educated decisions about their respiratory health by spotlighting preventive measures and healthy lifestyle options.

Objectives of Event

By the end of the panel game students will be able:

  • To raise awareness among participants about COPD, its causes, symptoms, risk factors and management.
  • To improve the understanding of participants about COPD to raise their level of competent knowledge.
  • To assess participant's knowledge and understanding of COPD through quiz format, identifying areas where further education or awareness efforts may be needed.

Convener Details

Co- Convenor:


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