Sharda School of Nursing Science and Research is organizing an event in collaboration with Alumni Cell and Career Counselling and Development Services, Sharda University for nursing students regarding Real life experience of an Alumni in Sharda University and her preparation for Germany.  The global demand for nurses is also one of the major factors owing to which Indian nurses are increasingly aspiring to work in several European countries such as Germany. German hospitals and healthcare facilities offer attractive packages and comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for career enhancement in Germany

Objectives of Event

  • Making Students visualize the factors which are influencing career development in Germany.
  • To motivate student nurses about the career options and opportunities available to them in Germany.
  • To obtain medical benefits in Germany through nursing career to get permanent residency in Germany.
  • To share the experience at Sharda University.
  • To share the experiences and learn language proficiency how to crack the German language examination for Germany.

Convener Details




Student Coordinator:

Speaker Details:

Ms. Sakshi Sharma (Alumni) - Industry - Sharda School of Nursing and Research- Sharda UniversityJ S Boris International Private Limited.

Mr. Mukul Chhikara - Industry -