School of Medical Science and Research, Sharda University is organizing an Event entitled “International Yoga Day” on 21st June 2024.


Practising Yoga is a great way of life which aims towards silencing the mind and awakening the body. The aim of this event is to incorporate Yoga practice into our daily routine to make our life refreshing.


Let us all come together this International Yoga Day and make it memorable and joyful.


The activities planned are as follows: Interactive Yoga session with MBBS Students of batch 2022-2023 by Shivom Acharya- Assistant Professor in Dept. of Yogic Science, School of Education, Sharda University.

Objectives of Event

  • To Engage Students with Interactive Yoga session.
  • To achieve a balance between oneself and work.
  • To keep the students and faculty interested engaged and excited about learning new activities.

Convener Details

  • Dr. Nirupma Gupta, Dean, SMS&R, Sharda University.
  • Dr.(Brig) Ram Murti Sharma, Medical Superintendent, SMS&R, Sharda University
  • Dr. Pooja Rastogi, Associate Dean, SMS&R, Sharda University.

Co-convener Details:


  • Dr. Shobitha Muthukrishnan, Professor and HOD, Dept. of Physiology, SMS&R


  • Dr. Rachna Rohatgi – Associate Professor, Dept of Anatomy, SMS&R.
  • Dr. Ankur Sharma- Assistant Professor, Dept of Anatomy, SMS&R.
  • Dr. Rajeshwari Shahaji Gore-Assistant Professor, Dept of Pharmacology, SMS&R.
  • Dr. Ritu Singh- Assistant professor, Dept of Anatomy, SMS&R.
  • Dr. Kiranjot Kaur- Senior Resident, Dept. of Pathology, SMS&R.

Speaker Details:

  • Shivom Acharya