Department of Medical Lab Technology, School of Allied Health Sciences is organizing a guest lecture on Molecular Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection & Disease - 2024.

"The event is a guest lecture titled “Molecular Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection & Disease”. It focuses on the advanced techniques used in molecular biology to diagnose tuberculosis. The lecture is likely to cover topics such as the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA or RNA in clinical samples, the use of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and other molecular methods. It might also delve into how these methods improve the speed and accuracy of TB diagnosis compared to traditional methods, and their role in managing and controlling the disease. The audience would typically consist of medical professionals, researchers, and students with an interest in infectious diseases and molecular diagnostics. The speaker, presumably an expert in the field, would share insights from recent research and practical applications in clinical settings."

Guest lecture on “Molecular Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection & Disease” Pre event report.docx

Objectives of Event

The objective of the guest lecture on "Molecular Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection & Disease" is to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the latest advancements and techniques in molecular diagnostics specifically applied to tuberculosis (TB). This lecture aims to:
Educate on Tuberculosis: Offer comprehensive knowledge about TB infection and disease, including its pathophysiology and global impact.

Highlight Molecular Diagnostic Methods: Present and explain the molecular methods used in diagnosing TB, focusing on their accuracy, speed, and how they compare with traditional diagnostic methods.
Discuss Advancements and Challenges: Address recent advancements in molecular diagnostics for TB, and the challenges faced in implementing these techniques in various healthcare settings.
Application in Clinical and Research Settings: Demonstrate how molecular diagnostics are used in both clinical and research settings to improve TB detection and treatment outcomes.
Encourage Professional Development: Provide a platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, and students to update their knowledge and skills in TB diagnosis.
Promote Public Health Awareness: Increase awareness about TB as a public health issue and the importance of early and accurate diagnosis in controlling its spread.

Foster Collaboration and Discussion: Encourage interaction and collaboration among attendees, fostering a network of professionals dedicated to the fight against TB.

Convener Details

  • Prof. (Dr.) Karuna Singh Dean, Sharda School of Allied Health Science

Co-Convener details:

  • Dr. Gaurav Kaushik Professor, Department of MLT (SSAHS) 


Organising Secretary details: 

  • Dr.  Ankur Vashishtha  Assistant Professor Department of MLT SSAHS
  • Dr. Rachna Assistant Professor Department of MLT SSAHS

Speaker Details:

Dr. Binit Kumar Singh - Academics - Microbiologist (PhD.) Department of Medicine AIIMS