Sharda School of Agricultural Sciences (SSAS) is hosting an event on February 21, 2024, titled "Shaping Minds for Tomorrow with Gender Sensitization." The students will have the opportunity to contribute to fostering positive change within the younger generation and influence the mind-set of our society. Students will learn to break stereotypes, welcome diversity, and understand gender sensitivity through discussions and interactive talks.

Objectives of Event

  • To enhance understanding of students with reference to gender-related issues, stereotypes and biases.
  • To foster an inclusive and respectful environment through open dialogues, sharing personal experiences, and promoting empathy amongst students.
  • To motivate students towards understanding gender sensitivity in their communities, workplaces, and daily lives through practical strategies.

Convener Details


Chief Guest Details:

  • Dr. Anviti Gupta Dean Sharda School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Speaker Details:

Dr. Anviti Gupta - Academics - Dean Sharda School of Humanities & Social SciencesAsst. Professor (History)

Dr. Sweta Singh - Academics -