The Department of Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering (EECE) SSET is organizing an industrial visit for its 2nd and 3rd year ECE students.

The visit is scheduled for the 30th of January and will be to Focustek Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd. plot no. 188, Sector-4, IMT Manesar, Gurugram Haryana. This visit aims to provide students with real-world insight into the manufacturing and engineering processes in the electronics industry.


Objectives of Event

Benefits of the visit:

  1. Visiting a manufacturing company like Focustek Manufacturing Services provides students with a firsthand look at how industries operate.
  2. Interaction with professionals during the visit can offer insights into the challenges and best practices of PCB assembly, enriching the students' knowledge and professional skills.
  3. Additionally, seeing the end-to-end process of PCB production prepares students for future careers in electronics manufacturing, making them industry-ready.

Convener Details

  • Prof. Shankar Ramamoorthy, Dean SSET,
  • Prof. Pratima Walde, Professor & Head, EECE, SSET,    
  • Prof. Pallavi Gupta, Professor EECE, SSET


  • Dr. Shaheen Naz AP EECE, SSET
  • Ms.Iqra Javid, AP EECE, SSET 

Chief Guest Details:

Prof. Pallavi Gupta, Professor EECE, SSET

Speaker Details:

Prof. Pallavi Gupta - Academics - sharda university

Professor EECE - -

SSET - -