Event Details:- "Revolutionizing User Experience: The Power and Potential of Interactive Search & Recommendations"
In this webinar, speaker will discuss the power and potential of interactive search and recommendation systems. Speaker will share insights from my work at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, where they have developed groundbreaking interactive search and recommendation systems that have significantly improved user experience.

He will also discuss the emerging field of QuantumML and its potential implications for the future of recommendation systems. Finally, he will share the lessons he have learned from developing these systems, emphasizing the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration, the need to navigate technical challenges, and the thrill of spearheading technological innovations.

Objectives of Event

In the vast digital landscape, guiding users to relevant content is paramount. Interactive search systems enhance user interaction, while recommendation systems harness machine learning to anticipate user interests. This seminar delves into the innovations at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, highlighting pioneering search and recommendation solutions that amplify user experience. The event will touch on QuantumML's future implications for recommendations. Throughout this journey, the importance of collaboration, tackling technical challenges, and leading technological innovations becomes evident. These systems, aiming to transform user-content interaction, promise a brighter, more intuitive digital future. Attendees will gain insights into the evolving dynamics of search and recommendation.


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Speaker Details:

Rohit Saini - Industry - Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited