Department of Pediatrics, SMSR is organizing "ADVANCED NEONATAL RESUSCITATION PROGRAMME'' on 3rd February 2024


Details of the same are outlined below.


Objectives of Event

  • To impart "Hands on skills" to Post Graduate students, Faculty & Nursing staff of Medical college about various aspects related to NeonataI Resuscitation.
  • Delegates will be trained on Neonatal Mannequin about various steps of Advanced Neonatal Resuscitation including Preterm Neonatal resuscitation.
  • Various clinical simulations will be discussed and skills will be tested.

Guest Speaker: (National) Faculty for Advance NRP:

  • Dr. Rajeev Kumar Thapar, Professor & HOD, Department of Pediatrics SMS&R
  • Dr. Ruchi Rai, Professor, Neonatology, PGICH Noida Sector 3
  • Dr. S. C. Shaw, Professor, R & R Hospital, Delhi Cantt
  • Dr. Ashu Sawhney, JP Hospital, Noida
  • Dr. Ramani Ranjan, Apollo Credle, Gr. Noida 
  • It is a certified course with Pre test and Post test and is a joint initiation of IAP NRP

Convener Details


  • Dr. Nirupma Gupta- Dean, SMSR, Sharda University 
  • Dr. A. K. Gadpayle, Medical Superintendent, Sharda Hospital


Organizing Secretary: 

  • Dr. Rajeev Kumar Thapar, Professor & Head of Department of Pediatrics SMS&R. 

Scientific Programe Co-ordinators - Dr. Bindu T Nair, Professor, Department of Pediatrics SMS&R

Joint Secretary - Dr. Jitendra Saini, PG, Department of Pediatrics SMS&R

Speaker Details:

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Thapar - Others -

Dr. Ruchi Rai - Others -

Dr. S. C. Shaw - Others -

Dr. Ashu Sawhney - Others -

Dr. Ramani Ranjan - Others -