Sharda School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SSHSS) in association with Public Police NGO, is organizing a National Conference on Senior Citizens Welfare on 17th February 2024 at Dhanwantri Auditorium, Sharda University.  

This conference seeks to illuminate the importance of addressing senior citizens' welfare not just as a policy imperative but as a fundamental ethical commitment to those who have paved the way for our collective progress. This conference serves as a platform to shed light on these challenges, fostering a collective understanding of the issues at hand. By addressing senior citizens' welfare comprehensively, we not only honor the contributions of the elderly but also pave the way for a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Chief Patron details:

  • Shri P.K. Gupta
  • Shri Y.K. Gupta  

Patron Details:

  • Prof. (Dr.) Sibaram Khara
  • Prof. (Dr) Parma Nand

Objectives of Event

Identify Key Issues: To identify and discuss the key issues affecting senior citizens' welfare in India, including healthcare access, social isolation, financial security, legal rights, and elder abuse.

Share Best Practices: To showcase and share best practices, innovative initiatives, and successful interventions from across India and globally that have improved senior citizens' welfare.

Policy Advocacy: To engage in dialogue and advocacy for policy reforms and implementation strategies that better support the needs and rights of senior citizens at the national, state, and local levels.
Capacity Building: To provide opportunities for capacity building among caregivers, healthcare professionals, social workers, and volunteers working with senior citizens, focusing on specialized skills and knowledge needed for effective support and care.

Public Engagement: To foster public dialogue and engagement on issues related to senior citizens' welfare through media coverage, public forums, and community outreach activities.
Action Plan Development: To develop concrete action plans and recommendations for addressing the identified challenges and improving the overall welfare of senior citizens in India, with a focus on practical, achievable outcomes.

These objectives aim to create a platform for comprehensive discussions and collaborative actions towards enhancing the well-being and quality of life of senior citizens across India.

Convener Details

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Chief Guest Details:

Justice K G Balakrishnan, Former Chief Justice of India