Sharda School of Business Studies is organizing a Guest Lecture on February 15, 2024, to foster collaboration between students, research scholars, faculty, and academicians in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

This program will focus on the following topics:

  • Green Supply Chain: Emphasizing sustainability.
  • AI and IoT in SCM: Discussing their roles in optimization.
  • IT in SCM: Highlighting the importance of technology.

Relevance from this Guest Lecture:

  • For Job Seekers: Insights for employment opportunities.
  • For Job Creators: Guidance for supply chain ventures.
  • For Academia: Research and academic relevance.

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Objectives of Event

  • To promote knowledge sharing and collaboration in Operations and Supply Chain Management, with a focus on Green Supply Chain, AI, IoT, and the critical IT-SCM interface, benefiting students, job creators, and academia.

Convener Details

Speaker Details:

Dr. Saurabh Mittal - Industry - Fore School of Management