VACs are pertinent instructional strategies designed to close knowledge gaps in students and provide them a competitive edge in the Job market. The courses well-defined offspring VACs make them incredibly helpful for enhancing Students employability quotient by developing a variety of competencies. It aids pupils in laying the creative groundwork for a passion project. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing. Students will start by gaining a foundational understanding of the digital landscape, exploring key concepts, and understanding the interconnectedness of various online channels.


Objectives of Event

After completion of the course, the students will be able to

CO1: Start careers. Diverse and Popular Jobs.
CO2: Earn money as a freelancer digital marketer.
CO3: Access specializations like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Brand Marketing, Offline Marketing and much more.
CO4: Get attractive Salary Package.
CO5: Get flexible Jobs.
CO6: Get Jobs Unaffected by Recession

Convener Details

  • Prof. Ananda Babu, Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSET, Sharda University, 9910520613, ananda.babu@sharda.ac.in.


  • Mr. Bodduru Kamesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSET, Sharda University, 9059400300, bodduru.kamesh@sharda.ac.in.

Speaker Details:

Mr. R.S. Ojha - Academics - Department of Mechanical Engineering SUSET Sharda University Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Sujoy Kumar Dey - Academics -

Mr. Nitesh Kumar - Academics -