Department of Biotechnology, SSET is organizing Faculty Development Program (FDP) and Research Training Program on “Upgrading the Knowledge of Recent Biotechnological Techniques” In collaboration with M/s Aabir Bio-Service Foundation, M/s ThermoFisher Scientific and Institution’s Innovation Council (MHRD Initiative); from 15th -19th Jan 2024.

Objectives of Event

The field of Biotechnology has propelled rapid innovation which has resulted in a very fast and rapid technological development in the current years.  Therefore, technological knowledge of our faculty needs to be upgraded time to time on regular basis so that they can provide the current knowledge to the students.

  • Upgrading the Knowledge of Faculty in Recent Biotechnological Techniques

Training the Ph.D. students in recent Biotechnological techniques 

Convener Details


Speaker Details:

Dr Ashish George - Industry - ThermoFisher Scientific: ThermoFisher Scientific: ThermoFisher Scientific: ThermoFisherScientific: M/s Aabir Bio-Service Foundation

Dr Akhilesh Kumar - Industry -

Ms Damini Vats - Industry -

Ms Suaprno Gupta - Industry -

Dr Md Kausar Neyaz - Industry -