The event is an Invited Talk on the occasion of World Health Day focuses on the common health issue in the women populations. The lecture is likely to cover topics such as Human Papilloma Virus infection in urino genital tract and associated complications. At the severe level and repeated infection of HPV leads to cervical cancer, oral cancer and Prostate cancer. Development of second generation HPV vaccines and Different aspects of endometrium cancer, reproductive tract infections and oral cancer will be main focus of the discussion.

Objectives of Event

1) Make aware to HPV infection:

This talk will spread awareness about HPV infection, associated complications and preventive care among women faculty, students and staff.

2) Understand about HPV-infection induced cervical cancer and oral cancer:

Discuss about how HPV infection induce cervical and oral cancer

3) Understand the preventive majors of HPV infection and induced cancer.

4) Understand over the HPV based vaccine development for the prevention of HPV and induced cervical cancer in Women populations.

5) Encourage Research and Education on HPV

These objectives collectively contribute to a comprehensive and insightful awareness and preventive care of HPV infection and associated cancers.

Convener Details


Speaker Details:

Dr. Mausumi Bhardwaj - Research Organization - Scientist-G