Industry Integration and Knowledge Exchange Cell, (IIKEC) Sharda University is organizing an Industrial Visit to Sleepwell, Greater Noida a Flagship Brand of Sheela Group.

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Objectives of Event

Educational Insight: The visit aims to educate participants about the manufacturing processes involved in producing Sleepwell products, particularly focusing on Polyurethane foam, a key component in mattresses and other sleep-related items.

Understanding Quality Standards: Participants will gain an understanding of the rigorous quality standards upheld by Sleepwell and the Sheela Group, including the ISO 9001 certification. This includes learning about quality control measures, testing procedures, and adherence to international standards.

Industry Trends and Innovations: The visit provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the latest trends, innovations, and advancements in the foam manufacturing industry. This includes insights into new materials, technologies, and sustainable practices adopted by Sleepwell.

Environmental and Social Responsibility: Participants will explore Sleepwell's commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. This includes learning about eco-friendly manufacturing processes, waste management initiatives, and community engagement efforts.

Networking and Collaboration: The visit facilitates networking opportunities for participants to connect with industry experts, professionals, and peers. This can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge exchange opportunities in the future.

Inspiration and Learning: Lastly, the objective is to inspire participants by showcasing the success story of Sleepwell and the Sheela Group. Through witnessing their journey to becoming industry leaders, participants can gain motivation, insights, and lessons applicable to their own endeavours.

Overall, the objective of an industry visit to Sleepwell is to provide a holistic learning experience that encompasses technical knowledge, industry insights, sustainability practices, and networking opportunities, all while promoting the brand's image and values.

Convener Details

  • Dr. Madhukar Deshmukh, Director IIKEC
  • Dr. Bhim Singh, Member IIKEC
  • Mr. Vikram Singh, Member IIKEC


  • Mr. Vikrant Choudhary, Member IIKEC

Chief Guest Details:

  • Industrial Visit to Sleepwell Company