Abhivyakti Wellness Clinic, Sharda School of Humanities & Social Sciences is organizing an innovative psychosocial services program designed to make a profound difference in the lives of jail inmates of GB Nagar District Jail in Uttar Pradesh. With a mission to foster personal growth, emotional well-being, and social reintegration, the program offers a carefully curated series of activities, from group therapy and mindfulness practices to vocational counseling and family support.

Through this transformative journey, we aim to empower inmates with essential life skills, promote mental health awareness, and pave the way for a brighter and more hopeful future beyond the confines of the prison walls

Objectives of Event

  • The primary objective of the programme is to help inmates to develop healthier emotional regulation skills.
  • To incorporate mindfulness practices to help inmates manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges.  
  • To offer support in developing social and interpersonal skills crucial for successful reintegration into society.
  • To encourage positive relationships and connections with fellow inmates for a supportive environment
  • To provide education on recognizing and managing mental health challenges.

Advisor & Mentor:

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Counsellors Dr. Aasim Ur Rehman Ganie - Academics - SSHSS Sharda University SSHSS Sharda University SSHSS Sharda University SSHSS Sharda University SSHSS

Counsellors Dr. Lakhminder Singh - Academics -

Counsellors Dr. Saurabh Srivastava - Academics -

Counsellors Dr. Sanskriti Sharma - Academics -

Counsellors Dr. Gurvinder Ahluwalia - Academics -