Sharda School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University is organizing a TWO DAY workshop on Understanding the fundamentals, principles, and methodologies of Design Thinking in Engineering Education. Exploring how Design Thinking can be integrated into engineering courses to enhance problem-solving skills and foster creativity among students. Engaging faculty members in interactive workshops and practical exercises to apply Design Thinking concepts in real-world scenarios. Guiding faculty in developing project-based learning modules that incorporate Design Thinking principles, encouraging students to work on meaningful, real-life projects.

Objectives of Event

  • Possess a deep understanding of Design Thinking principles and their applications in engineering education.
  • Develop innovative teaching modules that foster critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration among students.
  • Enhance student engagement by adopting student-centric, hands-on, project-based learning experiences into their teaching approach.
  • Promote a culture of innovation within the university, encouraging students to tackle real-world problems with empathy and ingenuity.

Convener Details


Speaker Details:

Ms. Pooja Shah - Industry - Midas TouchMidas Touch

Mr. Chirag Gujarati - Industry -