The Department of Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering (EECE) is organizing an industrial visit for its 2nd and 3rd year ECE Robotics students. The visit is scheduled for February 21 and will be to 3rd Itech Company at IIT Delhi Campus. The students will gain valuable insights into the innovative technologies and practices that 3rd Itech Company is known for.

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Objectives of Event

Benefits of the visit

  • Provides students with firsthand experience of the tech industry, showing practical applications of their theoretical knowledge.
  • Offers a glimpse into cutting-edge developments in electronics and communication, fostering innovation and inspiration.
  • Opens avenues for connecting with professionals, leading to internships, research collaborations, and job opportunities.
  • Helps students tailor their academic projects to meet the current demands and challenges of the tech industry.
  • Links theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for ECE students.

Convener Details

  • Prof. Shankar Ramamoorthy, Dean SSET,
  • Prof. Pratima Walde, Professor & Head, EECE, SSET


  • Dr. Sujoy Kumar Dey, Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSET


  • Ms.Iqra Javid, Assistant Professor EECE, SSET