The Department of Life Sciences, Sharda School of Basic Sciences and Research is organizing a student visit to Habibpur Village, Greater Noida (U.P.). Students and faculty will interact with localites to know about the various issues related to food security, food habits, particularly nutrition intake by women and children and spread awareness about malnutrition in children and various community diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases etc and also provide them information and practices related to consumption of healthy foods, balanced diet and various policies of the government for their benefits.

Objectives of Event

  • To create awareness amongst children and women about good hygiene and healthy dietary practices.
  • To provide knowledge about balanced diet and spread awareness regarding challenges due to malnutrition conditions.
  • To give information regarding commonly occurring community diseases and the effect of good nutrition and hygiene on them.
Chairman Details:
  • Prof. (Dr.) Satyavada Rama Rao (HOD Life Sciences), SSBSR

Convener Details

  • Dr. Anamika Mehta, Assistant Professor,  (Dept. of Life Sciences) SSBSR


Organizing Secretaries:

  • Dr. Amit Das,  Assistant Professor,  (Dept. of Life Sciences) SSBSR
  • Dr. Divyani Panwar,  Assistant Professor,  (Dept. of Life Sciences) SSBSR
  • Dr. Ranjana Pande,  Assistant Professor,  (Dept. of Life Sciences) SSBSR
  • Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma,  Assistant Professor,  (Dept. of Life Sciences) SSBSR

Speaker Details:

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