Sharda, School of Nursing Science & Research (SSNSR), Sharda University is organizing an EDUCATIONAL VISIT TO MISSION WALK, GREATER NOIDA dated 2nd and 3rd May 2024.
Rehabilitation centres for physical therapy are inpatient facilities where patients can receive acute care such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other treatments aimed at helping patients rebuild functional skills after events such as spinal cord injuries, hip replacements, or other conditions. The ultimate purpose of rehabilitation centres for physical therapy is to assist patients in recovering and resuming as much independence as possible in their homes.
"Mission Walk Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre is an Activity-based therapy centre. Many therapeutic activities used in recovery and rehabilitation to improve strength and regain motor function after a traumatic injury. Mission Walk is a dedicated physiotherapy centre focused on delivering personalized care and advanced rehabilitation techniques to help patients regain mobility and strength. With a team of expert physiotherapists, Mission Walk emphasizes holistic treatments that cater to individual patient needs. Whether recovering from surgery, injury, or addressing chronic pain, Mission Walk is committed to helping individuals achieve optimal physical health and functionality.

Objectives of Event

By the end of the visit students will be able:

  • To enhance their knowledge regarding physical therapy
  • To improve learning experience regarding rehabilitation
  • To improve skill development and teamwork
  • To maintain IPR with the patients and provide psychological support

Convener Details

Co-convener Details: