Department of Environmental Sciences, Sharda School of Basic Sciences and Research, Sharda University is organizing a “Value Added Courses” from 3rd January 2024 to 18th April 2024 


Event Name: Value Added Course on Green Practices for the Environment For UG and Critical Issues in Environmental Sustainability for PG Start

Date: 3rd January 2024

End Date: 18th April 2024

Timings - Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4: 00 pm

Venue: Room No. 203, Block 3

Objectives of Event

  • To provide Define key environmental challenges and their implications for ecosystems, biodiversity, and human well-being.
  • To Identify and describe various green practices and their applications in different contexts.
  • To Analyze and interpret the results of environmental impact assessments.
  • To Evaluate and propose solutions for the responsible disposal of waste.
  •  To Green Building Principles
  • To Define and explain the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability.
  • To Identify the causes and consequences of climate change.
  • To Explain the significance of biodiversity for ecosystem health.
  • To Examine the depletion of water, soil, and air resources.
  • To Identify types and sources of pollution (air, water, soil).

Convener Details

  • Dr. PK Singh HOD of Department 


Chief Guest Details:


Speaker Details:

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