Department of Environmental Sciences, Sharda School of Basic Sciences and Research is organizing a cultural event Eco Abhivyakti - carrying our legacy to the future” for all the students of the department on Thursday, 25th January 2024 in Audi 014, Block-3.


The event is intended to provide a platform for the students from diverse cultural backgrounds to showcase their traditions and talents, strengthening social ties and inspiring creativity. Further, the event will encourage dialogue and participation by welcoming the people together as one unit and more likely bring a positive change within the communities.

Objectives of Event

  • To boost the confidence of new students and encourage them to express themselves.
  • To create a sense of community and belonging among the freshers and seniors.
  • To educate the attendees about the history and significance of the different cultures.
  • To discover and nurture hidden talents among the students.
  • To promote entertainment and enjoyment, offering the attendees a chance to relax and de-stress themselves.


  • Prof. Shyamal K Banerjee (Dean, Sharda School of Basic Science & Research, Sharda University 9760818302)

Convener Details



  • Dr. Suman
  • Dr. Shruti Singh
  • Dr. Jitin Rahul
  • Dr. Rachna
  • Dr. Har Mohan Singh