"Qanooni Salah," a thought-provoking radio show on Suno Suno Sharda 90.8 FM, hosted by the vibrant RJ Devansh. In this enlightening episode, delve into the depths of the Indian Constitution alongside Dr. Atul Arora, Assistant Professor at Sharda School of Media, Films, and Television. Unravel the essence of the Constitution, understanding its fundamental rights, and the significance of women's reservation within our democratic framework. Join the conversation as we navigate through the pillars of our nation's governing document, empowering listeners with knowledge and insights essential for an informed citizenry.

Objectives of Event

  • To sensitize the students and employees of the Sharda School of Media, Film, and Entertainment (SSMFE) to the constitution, obligations, values, rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens.
  • To highlight the responsibilities of students and employees
  • To discuss about rights and duties of students and employees

Convener Details


Speaker Details:

Dr Atul Arora - Academics - Assistant Professor