Business simulation is an interactive learning experience that allows people to experience real-world business situations and systems and develop their individual industry-related skills. Business simulations are used to develop individual industry-related skills and provide a real-world experience of business situations and systems. It can be scenario-based or numeric-based. Business simulations replicate market factors and conditions that happen in the real world and encourage participants to increase their engagement with a course by encountering circumstances that might occur in their current or prospective jobs. People who complete a business simulation may develop various skills, including time management, decision-making, and collaboration and teamwork. Business simulations can provide many benefits, both to the people who participate in them and the organizations who hire participants.

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Objectives of Event

  • Faculty members can use business simulations to complement existing teaching resources and fulfill learning aspirations of the new age learners
  • Business simulations can help faculty members to teach problem-solving skills and commercial awareness to students
  • Business simulations can be used to meet multiple learning objectives of a course and the institution
  • The program can address issues in how to effectively use business simulations in class like selection of appropriate business simulation, format and time allocation for the simulation exercise, interpretation of output based on learning objective/profile of students and integration with course units.
  • Business simulations can be used to prepare students for success in the real world.

Convener Details

Chief Guest Details:

Dr. Kapil Pandla, Dean SSBS

Speaker Details:

Abdul Baji - Industry - CESIM Business Simulations Growth Manager