This event marks a crucial advancement for our institution in adopting sustainable automotive technologies and automation in mechatronics. Furnished with state-of-the-art tools and technology, these labs are specifically tailored for the development, testing, and optimization of electric vehicle systems and mechatronic automation.

Objectives of Event

  • Enhance Educational Opportunities: Equip students with hands-on learning experiences in EV and mechatronics technologies, preparing them for advanced careers in the automotive and robotics industries.
  • Foster Research and Innovation: Establish a collaborative environment for research in electric vehicles and mechatronics, encouraging innovative solutions and technological advancements through partnerships with academia and industry.
  • Promote Sustainable and Integrated Practices: Support the integration of mechatronics with electric vehicle technology to advance sustainable practices and improve system efficiencies, further contributing to global environmental goals.

Convener Details


  • Mr. Kamesh Bodduru
  • Dr. Nitish Kumar
  • Ms. Iqra Javid

Chief Guest Details:

Ms. Garima Jhamb 

Sr. Head- NEP Implementation & HR 

Automotive Skills Development Council- India

Speaker Details:

Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar - CEO - Industry - CEO

Anuvadini and Chief Coordinating Officer - - Anuvadini and Chief Coordinating Officer


Ministry of Education - - Ministry of Education

Government of India - - Government of India