In today’s healthcare landscape, nursing is a profession that holds immense value and significance. Nurses plays a vital role in delivering patient care, serving as the backbone of healthcare systems worldwide. With their unique blend of scientific knowledge and empathy, nurses are contributing to improving health outcomes and enhancing overall quality of care. The global demand for nurses is also one of the major factors owing to which Indian nurses are increasingly aspiring to work in several European countries such as Germany. German hospitals and healthcare facilities offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for career enhancement.

Objectives of Event

  1. Making Students visualize the factors which are influencing career development in Germany.
  2. To motivate student nurses about the career options and opportunities available to them in Germany.
  3. To obtain medical benefits in Germany through nursing career.
  4. To get the unlimited working visa, equal job opportunities in Germany.
  5. Great opportunity to get permanent residence in Germany.

Convener Details

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Programme Coordinator:

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  • Mr. Himanshu Jain, President & COO, Genrise Global Staffing Private Limited
  • Mr. Shitiz Mittal, AGM, Business Operations, Genrise Global Staffing Private Limited

Speaker Details:

Ms. Shikha Singh - Industry - Genrise Global Staffing Private Limited