Value added course provide the opportunity for training as well as guidance of the students on the various aspects of building a career and to assist them in exploring new opportunities.

VACs cultivate an urge amongst the students and position them to turn into flamboyant professional on the latest trends and rally their technical skills in advanced manner. The offered course under VAC initiates an in-depth exploration of stress, covering its meaning, nature, and stages, along with an examination of characteristics, types, and physiological aspects. Models like the Transactional and Interactional Model and the Pressure-Environment Fit Model are explored.

The syllabus delves into the causes and symptoms of stress, considering personal, organizational, and environmental factors, and critically analyzes their consequences on behavior, personality, and performance, with a focus on health implications. The course also addresses coping strategies, differentiating between healthy and unhealthy approaches, while emphasizing the crucial role of peer group and social support in stress management. Ultimately, the course aims to foster holistic well-being by promoting happiness and resilience in the face of life's challenges.  


Objectives of Event

  • Developing an understanding of the concept of stress, its causes, symptoms, and consequences.
  • Recognizing the impact of stress on personal wellness, health, and work performance.

Convener Details

Speaker Details:

1. Dr. Kapil Pandla 2. Dr. Monica Agrawal 3. Dr Nimmi Agrawal 4. Dr. Saumya Kumar 5. Dr. Sweta Dixit - Academics - SU