Sharda School of Design, Architecture & Planning (SSDAP), Department of Art & design, Sharda University is organizing an education trip  -  Dastkar (CRAFT & DESIGN 2024) exhibition - the stories of tradition meeting the contemporary, and the bringing together of the past and present of Indian craftsmanship under one roof.

Objectives of Event

  • The Visit aims to make students aware of the different types of crafts, which will help them to understand designing and material of various demographics and their arts.
  • The students will be given guidance towards critical thinking and understanding the vibrant craft techniques of our country.

Convener Details

  1. Dr. Dipti Parashar,, Associate Dean, School of Design, Architecture  and Planning, Sharda University, dipti.parashar@sharda.ac.in
  2. Dr. Poonam Bhagchandani, HOD, Department of Art &Design, Poonam.raisinghani@sharda.ac.in


  1. Aakanksha Singh (Assistant Professor), 99580 00360, aakanksha.singh@sharda.ac.in
  2. Shivani Chandra, Assistant Professor, 9999793875, shivani.chandra@sharda.ac.in