An awareness on “Roadmap to Success - Unveiling Career Opportunities in Data Science” Department of Mathematics, SSBSR, Sharda University, Greater Noida

Department of Mathematics, Sharda School of Basic Sciences & Research (SSBR) is organizing an invited talk on an awareness about “Roadmap to Success - Unveiling Career Opportunities in Data Science”. "Marichi College to Corporate Initiative" aims to bridge the gap between academia and the industry by providing students with valuable insights into industry trends and career opportunities and by fostering mentorship relationships. Through this program, industry professionals with extensive expertise, will engage with students and faculty members, facilitating knowledge exchange and discussions on aligning the curriculum with industry requirements. Career Counselling for transforming into successful career counselors.  Coming from various academic backgrounds, these professionals had one thing in common-the person to guide students toward the right career path. The main theme of the event is to provide the right direction toward the right career and successful life. This program is offered and designed by the renowned industry and academic expertise’s to ignite the young minds.

Objectives of Event

The agenda/flow of the event would be as follows:

  1. Job opportunities in Data Science-Session by an Industry Leader: An industry expert will provide insights into the current job landscape, growth prospects, and emerging trends in the field of Data Sciences.
  2. Marichi Ventures Introduction: A presentation will be delivered to introduce students to the mission, activities, and initiatives of Marichi Ventures. This session will highlight the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in fostering innovation and career advancement.
  3. Q & A Session with Students: An interactive session will be organized where students can engage with Marichi Ventures, ask questions, and gain insights into their experiences and expertise in the Data Sciences industry.
  4. Discussion with faculty members on Syllabus Enrichment: Marichi Ventures will engage in discussions with professors to understand the current syllabus and explore ways to align it with the industry requirements. This collaborative effort aims to ensure that students are well-prepared for the demands of the industry upon graduation.


  • Mr. Sarvesh Singh, Managing Director, Marichi Ventures LLP (Industry expert)


Convener Details


Organizing Secretary:


Organizing Committee Members:

  • All faculty members of the Department of Mathematics

Chief Guest Details:


Speaker Details:

Mr. Sarvesh Singh - Industry - Managing Director- Marichi Ventures LLP (Industry Expert)