Insulin is a hormone which is produced by pancreas responsible for maintaining blood glucose level in human body. unavailability or insufficiency of insulin can lead to major health crisis known as Diabetes mellitus. Some patient requires insulin on daily basis and at home scenario also. The main aim of this hands on training session is to teach the skill of administration of insulin to our nursing students and make them competent to learn this skill and practice.

Objectives of Event

At the end of the hands on training session students will be

  • Able to know about the types of insulin
  • Gain knowledge about onset and peak of insulin after administration
  • More competent in administration of insulin
  • Able to know about do’s and don’t of insulin administration

Convener Details



Student Coordinator:
  • Ms. Clawdia Adhikari, Msc. Final Year SSNSR
  • Mr. Pratham Bhardwaj, Special Batch BSC, SSNSR

Chief Guest Details:

Dr A K  Gadpayle