Pro Bono Club, Sharda School of Law, Sharda University organising the lecture on the topic Navigating the Criminal Justice Maze: From Reporting Offence to Judgement. This Lecture will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, from the initial reporting of an offense to the final judgment.

Objectives of Event

  • Participants will delve into the legal frameworks and procedures governing criminal proceedings, including laws, regulations, and judicial processes.
  • The lecture aims to analyse the intricacies involved in the reporting of offenses, including the roles of law enforcement agencies, the rights of victims, and the mechanisms for filing complaints.
  • Participants will gain insights into the investigative procedures undertaken by law enforcement authorities, including evidence collection, interrogation techniques, and forensic analysis.
  • The lecture will provide an in-depth analysis of the trial processes, including pre-trial hearings, courtroom procedures, cross-examination, and the presentation of evidence.

Convener Details


Chief Guest Details:

Shri Pawan Kumar Varshney,

Assistant Prosecution Officer, Government of Bihar

Speaker Details:

Shri Pawan Kumar Varshney - Others - Assistant Prosecution Officer Government of Bihar

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