Department of Civil Engineering along with Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CESSU) is organizing an enlightening expert lecture on "Innovative Practices in Design of High Rise Structures." Delve into cutting-edge methodologies, structural advancements, and sustainability considerations that define the future of vertical architecture. Mr. Nitish Bharadwaj, Lead Engineer, AECOM India will unravel the complexities of designing tall structures, exploring the integration of technology, materials, and sustainable solutions. Gain valuable insights into pushing the boundaries of design, ensuring structural integrity, and optimizing space utilization in the dynamic realm of high-rise construction. This lecture promises to inspire and inform architects, engineers, and enthusiasts alike, offering a glimpse into the forefront of innovative design in vertical urban development.

Objectives of Event

Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies: Familiarize participants with the latest technological advancements in high-rise structure design, including the use of advanced materials, building information modeling (BIM), and innovative construction techniques.

Enhance Sustainability Knowledge: Educate attendees on sustainable design practices specific to high-rise structures, emphasizing environmentally conscious materials, energy-efficient systems, and strategies for reducing the carbon footprint associated with vertical construction.

Promote Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Encourage a multidisciplinary approach to high-rise design by fostering collaboration between architects, engineers, and other stakeholders. Emphasize the importance of integrated planning, communication, and collective expertise to address the complex challenges associated with designing and constructing tall buildings.

Convener Details


  • Nishant Kumar, Department of Civil Engineering, nishant.kumar4@sharda.ac.in
  • Sunil Kumar, Department of Civil Engineering, sunil.saharan@sharda.ac.in
  • Nadim Ahmad, Member, Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CESSU)
  • Thokchom Joya Devi, Member, Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CESSU)
  • Roberta Robert, Member, Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CESSU)
  • Prajeet Baudel, Member, Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CESSU)

Speaker Details:

Mr. Nitish Bharadwaj - Industry - AECOM India