In the last eight years, India has seen an eight-fold increase in digital marketing investment, and an increase in total marketing budget from 15% to 45%. It is compelling evidence of the ongoing "Golden Age of Digital Revolution," which is converting digital marketing froma niche communication toolkit to the mainstream marketing channel across all businesses. Every type of organization—public, private, nonprofit, and even private—is constantly working to maximize its potential and find new applications for the digital marketing paradigm, which encompasses social media, email, WhatsApp, influencers, site development, digital analytics, content creation and management, and search engine marketing.

This Management Development Program aims to equip students with the apt digital marketing tools for creative, analytical and strategic business use.

Objectives of Event

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Digital Marketing (DM) concepts
  • Create effective digital marketing strategies that align with business goals

Convener Details



Speaker Details:

Dr.Mohit Maurya - Academics - SU-SSBS

Dr. Sweta Dixit - Academics -

Dr Sonakshi Singh - Academics -