Biotechnology is undergoing a global evolution. The most notable innovation in biotechnology involves personalized medicine, drug research, artificial intelligence, big data, and synthetic biology. Biotech is disrupting how we approach health, medicine, and agriculture. Even without the impact of COVID-19, several trends in biotech have propelled rapid innovation. Industry expansion has followed such innovation. The development of breakthrough health initiatives from biotech will transform our future as we tackle global problems including disease, environmental pollution, and food management. Similarly, the up-and-coming food industry trends mark a shift towards sustainable and personalized food choices. These include alternative protein sources, local foods, nutraceuticals, and personalized nutrition. The concern over environmental impacts is causing FoodTec startups and brands to integrate waste reduction practices as well as zero-waste workflows. But before one can harness the potential of these new technologies and practices, it is essential to understand the context, challenges, and emerging trends in Biotechnology and Food Engineering.


Objectives of Event

  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of context, challenges, and emerging trends in Biotechnology and Food Engineering.
  • To accelerate the research and development in the country in Biotechnology and Food Engineering.
  • To facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities to encourage the exchange of ideas, research findings, and innovative solutions among professionals in the Biotechnology and Food Engineering domains.

Convener Details