The Blood Bank, Sharda Hospital is organizing an in-house Voluntary Blood Donation Camp on Thursday, 15th February 2024. All healthy individuals above 18 years are humbly requested to donate blood in the service of humanity.

Objectives of Event

रक्तदानएकजुटताकाकार्यहै।प्रयासमेंशामिलहोंऔरजीवनबचाएं I
“Donating blood is a collective endeavor. Participate and rescue lives”.

Convener Details

  • Dr. Nirupma Gupta, Dean & Professor, SMS&R
  • Dr. Ram Murti Sharma, Professor & Medical Superintendent, Sharda Hospital, SMS&R

Co - Convener:  

  • Dr. Anshu Gupta Devra, Professor & HOD, Pathology, Sharda Hospital SMS&R


Organizing Secretary:          

  • Dr. Suparna Dubey, Professor & Incharge, Blood Centre, Sharda Hospital, SMS&R
  • Dr. Tushar Kalonia, Assistant Professor Pathology, Sharda Hospital, SMS&R

Co-Organizing Secretary:  

  • Dr Prachi Saxena, Assistant Professor Pathology, Sharda Hospital, SMS&R

Program Coordinator:

  • Mr. Mahesh Chandra Ranakoti, Technical Officer, Blood Center Sharda Hospital