VACs are pertinent instructional strategies designed to close knowledge gaps in students and provide them a competitive edge in the Job market. The courses well-defined offspring VACs make them incredibly helpful for enhancing Students employability quotient by developing a variety of competencies. It aids pupils in laying the creative groundwork for a passion project. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the entire lifecycle of composite materials in engineering applications. The course begins with an introduction to composite materials, covering their composition, manufacturing processes, and various types. Subsequently, participants will delve into the practical aspects of fabrication, gaining hands-on experience in creating composite structures through different techniques.


Objectives of Event

After completion of the course, the students will be able to

CO1: Understand basic introduction of composites design.
CO2: Design of different composites structure.
CO3: Fabricate of composites structure.
CO4: Test of elastic properties of composites.
CO5: Model and simulate the mechanical behaviour of composites.
CO6: Analyse an engineering design and use the software packages for simulation modelling, fabrication and testing.

Convener Details

  • Prof. Ananda Babu, Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSET, Sharda University, 9910520613, ananda.babu@sharda.ac.in.


  • Mr. Bodduru Kamesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSET, Sharda University, 9059400300, bodduru.kamesh@sharda.ac.in.

Speaker Details:

Dr. Paul Praveen A - Academics - Department of Mechanical Engineering SUSET Sharda University Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ananda Babu - Academics -

Mr. Bodduru Kamesh - Academics -