Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Sharda School of Engineering & Technology is pleased to announce the commencement of our upcoming Value-Added Course on “Competitive Programming - Advanced” for graduate students of B. Tech. CSE, Semester-VI. This course has been meticulously designed to provide the students with additional skills and knowledge that complement their academic pursuits.  


Course Details: In this comprehensive and dynamic program, the purpose is to strive to elevate the coding prowess, enhance problem-solving skills, and prepare the students for the rigors of competitive coding on a professional scale.

Objectives of Event

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

·    Elevate your algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills, mastering the intricacies of competitive coding challenges. To apply the knowledge of sensors and designing automated systems.

·    Learn to write clean and efficient code, applying time and space optimization techniques

·    Explore and implement a variety of data structures, from arrays to graphs, equipping yourself with the versatility to tackle an array of coding scenarios.

·    Develop a portfolio showcasing completed coding projects and solutions.

Convener Details

  • Prof (Dr.) Sanjeev Kumar Pippal, Head of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SSET, Sharda University.


  • Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SSET, Sharda University. (rajendra.kumar@sharda.ac.in7017763451.)

Speaker Details:

Mr. Nitin Sharma - Academics -

Technical Trainer - -

Sharda Informatics - -

Sharda University. nitin.sharma1@sharda.ac.in - -