The lecture aims to explore into the convoluted aspects of the sustainability debate, posing a crucial question: Is it simple or complex to aspire for a common future? Mr. Honey Karun will discuss through the complexities of sustainability, exploring its multifaceted dimensions and the challenges and opportunities it presents. Drawing from his extensive professional background, he will provide real-world examples and case studies, offering a comprehensive understanding of the global significance of sustainable practices.

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Objectives of Event

  • To gain insight into the complexities surrounding sustainability issues, encompassing economic, social, and environmental dimensions.
  • To explore various facets of the sustainability debate and understand its implications on a global scale.
  • To analyse the crucial role that businesses and individuals play in contributing to a common sustainable future.
  • To enhance critical thinking skills and raise awareness regarding the challenges and solutions in sustainable development.

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Speaker Details:

Mr. Honey Karun - Industry - Advisor Quality Council of India