Hands-on certified training to be organized by CAIMIF (Center for AI in Medicine, Imaging & Forensics) on 27th & 28th Feb 2024.


Training Schedule:


Day 1 (27th Feb 2024)

Session 1: Introduction to Molecular Docking and Types

  • An overview of molecular docking, its importance in drug discovery, and the different types of docking (rigid, flexible, etc.).
  • This session will also cover the principles behind these methods and their applications.

Session 2: Hands-on Exercise - Installation of PyRx and AutoDock Vina

  • A practical session where participants will install PyRx, a computational chemistry tool used for virtual screening, and AutoDock Vina.
  • Hands-on session for installation process and troubleshooting common issues.

Day 2 (28th Feb 2024)

Session 3: Visualization Tools - Introduction to Chimera

  • An introduction to Chimera, a visualization tool for molecular structures and related data.
  • This session will cover the basic features of Chimera and how to use it for visualizing molecular docking results.

Session 4: Hands-on Exercise - Chimera and PyMOL

  • A hands-on session where participants will use Chimera and PyMOL for visualizing and analyzing molecular docking results.
  • This session will provide practical experience in using these tools and interpreting the results.

Each lecture session is designed to last for approximately 1.5 hour, and the practical exercise for 4 hrs.


NOTE:  Participant kindly bring their on Laptop for better hands on Practice


Objectives of Event

  • Understanding Molecular Docking: To comprehend the concept of molecular docking, its significance in drug discovery, and the various types of docking such as rigid and flexible.
  • Familiarity with Tools: To become familiar with computational tools like PyRx and AutoDock Vina that are used for molecular docking and visualization.
  • Hands-on Experience To gain practical experience by installing and using PyRx and AutoDock Vina, thereby understanding their applications in real-world scenarios.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: To develop the ability to troubleshoot common issues that may arise during the installation and usage of these computational tools
Registration Fee:


UG Students: 500/-INR
PG/Ph.D Scholars: 800/-INR

Professionals:1200/- INR


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ICICI Bank Ltd.

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Krishna Apra Royal Plaza, D-2, E(acb), Alpha-1, Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, UP- 201306

Account Holder Name


Sharda University-Seminar

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Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfctPR7F98bN_Hrg-ky-uRONIOR71LLuIf3jmzhfroKQyQnPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


Whatsapp Group Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LDfiQD56kU9Ctbl0pK1lRt


Patron: Prof. Sibaram Khara (Vice Chancellor)

Convener Details

Co-convenorDr. Sunita Sharma, Assistant Professor, Dept. of BiotechnologySSET, sunita.sharma@sharda.ac.in


Coordinator:  Ms. Bushra Khan, Member CAIMIF & Asst. Professor Radiology, SSAHS, 9911694349, bushra.khan@sharda.ac.in

Organizing Committee Members: 


  • Prof. Ruqaiya Khanam 
  • Ms. Shivani Singh
  • Harsh Pratap Singh
  • Mr. Chanambam Mokaju Meitei 
  • Ms. Navita
  • Ms. Sanju
  • Mr. Rajat Mittal
  • Mr. Abhinav Singh

Speaker Details:

Dr. Sunita Sharma - Academics - Sharda University

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