A comprehensive plan for the inauguration ceremony of the HR Club. As the club aims to foster a community of Students dedicated to growth, learning, and collaboration, our inaugural event should reflect these values while setting the tone for future endeavors.


  1. Welcoming of Guests: The ceremony will commence with a warm welcome extended to all esteemed guests, including members of the HR community, faculty advisors, and students. We will ensure a hospitable environment that encourages networking and meaningful interactions among attendees.
  2. Lamp Lighting Ceremony: Symbolizing the enlightenment and guidance that the HR Club aims to provide, we propose a traditional lamp lighting ceremony. This ceremonial act will signify the beginning of our journey towards knowledge sharing, professional development, and innovation in the field of human resources.
  3. Speech by the guests: In this section of the event, the guests will address the audience and share their insights.
  4. Badge Giving and Introduction to Core Team: Members of the core team will be introduced to the audience, highlighting their roles and responsibilities within the HR Club. Each core team member will receive a badge as a symbol of their commitment to the club's mission and vision. This segment will provide an opportunity for attendees to familiarize themselves with the leadership behind the club.
  5. Presentation on Objectives and Goals of HR Club: A comprehensive presentation will outline the objectives and goals of the HR Club. This segment will elucidate the club's mission, strategic initiatives, and anticipated impact within the university community and beyond. We aim to inspire attendees to actively engage with the club and contribute towards achieving its objectives
  6. Interactive Session: An interactive session will be conducted, inviting guests to share their insights and experiences, fostering meaningful discussions on contemporary HR trends. challenges, and best practices.
  7. Games: One or more than one games will be conducted in this section of the event to conclude the event in an inversing wav.


Objectives of Event

The inauguration ceremony of the HR Club will be a memorable event that celebrates the spirit of collaboration, learning, and professional growth within the business community. We are confident that this event will set a strong foundation for the club's future endeavors and foster a vibrant ecosystem of students.

Convener Details

Advisor: Dr. Kapil Pandla, Dean SSBS


Student Co-conveners: