Sharda School of Media, Film, and Entertainment will host an event on the theme of "Role of Constitution in Promoting Gender Equality" to investigate the convergence between constitutional law and gender equality. It seeks to give a broad knowledge of how constitutional provisions are able to promote gender equality in all areas of society. The event will include a talk by Dr. Atul Arora of SSMFE as well as engaging session that will dive into the historical, legal, and social facets of this vital topic.

Objectives of Event

  1. Analyse Constitutional Provisions to critically examine the specific articles and amendments in national constitutions that directly or indirectly promote gender equality.
  2. Evaluate Implementation: To assess the effectiveness of constitutional measures in real-world scenarios
  3. To identify and discuss the barriers to achieving gender equality through constitutional means

Convener Details

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Speaker Details:

Dr. Atul Arora - Academics - Sharda University