Department of Mathematics (SSBSR) is organizing an online event in collaboration with Kohli Media LLP to provide internship opportunities for our students, May 16-18, 20224. So that students can gain experience in facing interviews and explore themselves. Kohli Media LLP, a dynamic and innovative company committed to delivering high-quality services and creative solutions. We are excited to announce internship opportunities at Kohli Media LLP for talented and motivated students. As we recognize the value of nurturing young talent, we believe that our internship program can provide students with valuable hands-on experience, exposure to the organization, and the opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals. Kindly encourage the students for huge participation.


Objectives of Event

This event aims to allow students to complete internships and obtain real-world experience. The department seeks to expose students to real-world circumstances and provide them with practical experience in various industries and workplaces by encouraging employers to offer internships. By allowing students to use their talents in actual situations, the department hopes to close the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application. Furthermore, internships will assist students in expanding their professional networks, learning new skills, and gaining knowledge of the sector. The department hopes to give its students the experience and abilities they need to thrive in their future employment by offering internship opportunities. The purpose of this event is to motivate and inspire students to utilize these.


Internships profile categories and Day-to-Day Responsibilities include:


  • Internship for 2024 in Social Media Marketing Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in Graphic Designing Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in Sales and Marketing Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in PHP Development Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in HR Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in Web Development Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in Campus Ambassador Selected Intern's
  • Internship for 2024 in Android/Flutter Selected Intern's 

Expected Outcomes:

To Increase awareness among students about the importance of internships in gaining practical experience in their field and to give greater exposure of students to various industries and work environments through internships. To understanding of the relevance of theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and to development of new skills and knowledge among students through the internships. Building of professional networks for students that could lead to future career opportunities.



Prof. S.K. Banerjee (Dean–SSBSR)

Convener Details

  • Dr. Khursheed Alam (HOD–Mathematics) 


  • Dr. Utpal Dhar Das
  • Dr. Sachin Singh 


Organizing Secretary:

  • Dr. Surya Kant Pal

Chief Guest Details:


Speaker Details:

Ms. Monika Khubchandani Talent Acquisition Assistant (HR) - Industry - Kohli Media LLPKohli Media LLP

Mr. Sahil Kohli - Industry -

Business Head - -

Kohli Media LLP - -