"Aesthetica'2024: Unveiling Beauty Beyond Boundaries" is an immersive facial aesthetics workshop designed to explore the cutting-edge techniques and advancements in the field of facial aesthetics. This dynamic event brings together leading experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the landscape of beauty enhancement. From innovative injectables to advanced skincare regimens, participants will engage in hands-on demonstrations, interactive sessions, and informative lectures aimed at refining their skills and understanding of facial aesthetics. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, Aesthetica'2024 promises an enriching experience that transcends conventional beauty standards and celebrates the artistry of facial enhancement. Join us as we redefine beauty and unlock the secrets to timeless allure in the captivating world of facial aesthetics.


Objectives of Event

  1. Education: To provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the latest advancements, techniques, and technologies in facial aesthetics, empowering them to stay updated in this rapidly evolving field.
  2. Skill Enhancement: To offer hands-on workshops, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions led by industry-leading experts, enabling participants to refine their skills and techniques in facial enhancement procedures.
  3. Networking: To facilitate meaningful connections and networking opportunities among participants, practitioners, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration, exchange of ideas, and professional growth within the facial aesthetics community.
  4. Innovation: To showcase cutting-edge products, treatments, and innovations in facial aesthetics, inspiring participants to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of creativity in beauty enhancement.
  5. Ethical Practice: To promote ethical standards and best practices in facial aesthetics, emphasizing patient safety, informed consent, and responsible use of aesthetic procedures to ensure positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  6. Personal Development: To encourage personal and professional development by providing insights into the psychological aspects of beauty perception, self-image, and confidence, empowering participants to make informed decisions and achieve holistic well-being.
  7. Empowerment: To celebrate diversity and individuality in beauty, encouraging participants to embrace their unique features and express their personal style with confidence, while respecting cultural sensitivities and promoting inclusivity in aesthetic practices.

Convener Details

  • Dr. Rohit Punga, Professor and Head, Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery,7976568143, Rohit.punga@sharda.ac.in
  • Dr. Nitin Bhagat,associate professor, Department of oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,  9953784571, Nitin.bhagat@sharda.ac.in


  • Dr. Aparajita Adurti, Assistant professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 7976568143, Aparajita.adurti@sharda.ac.in
  • Dr. Subhajit Das, Assistant professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 8596053045, subhajit.das@sharda.ac.in
  • Dr. Debasmita Sarkar, Assistant professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 8799770936, debasmita.sarkar@sharda.ac.in

Speaker Details:

DR. SHREYAS SORAKE - Academics - A.J.I.D.S Mangalore3

DR. SEEMA ALICE MATHEW - Industry - Private PractitionerPrivate Practioner Private Practioner