Sharda School of Design, Architecture and Planning (SAP), Department of Architecture, Sharda University is planning to conduct a Saraswati Pooja for the students, faculty and staff of School of Architecture, Design and Planning on Vasant Panchmi.

On the occasion of Vasant Panchami -Saraswati Puja, is to seek the blessings and guidance of the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is revered as the deity of knowledge, wisdom, music, arts, and learning.


Objectives of Event

This event has the following objectives:

  • Seeking Blessings for Knowledge and Wisdom: The primary objective of Saraswati Pooja is to seek the blessings of the Hindu goddess Saraswati for acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and intellect. Devotees pray to Saraswati to gain success in academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and creative ventures.
  • Cultural Celebration: Saraswati Pooja serves as a cultural celebration highlighting the importance of education, arts, and learning in Hindu tradition. It is observed in schools, colleges, and educational institutions to honor Saraswati and promote academic excellence and cultural enrichment.
  • Removal of Ignorance and Enlightenment: Saraswati Pooja aims to dispel ignorance and darkness from the minds of devotees and illuminate them with the light of knowledge and wisdom. Through prayers and rituals, devotees seek spiritual growth, clarity of thought, and inner enlightenment.

Convener Details