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‘POTENTIAL MEETS PURPOSE’ Alumni Interaction with MBA (1st year) students

November 30, 2022 @ 1:15 pm Atlantic/Azores Timezone
Chanakya Auditorium SSBS, 2nd Floor, Block 7 SSBS.

The Alumni Cell, SSBS, Sharda University is organizing an interaction, with renowned alumni and industry expert, Mr. Mohd Shamshul Arif.

 The interaction is designed for MBA first year students with the objective to guide and motivate young minds at the cusp of their education, to become acquainted with concepts of social entrepreneurship. So that the students can be substantial change-makers through their inventive ideas and understand the significance of social entrepreneurship in the global landscape.

With such a discussion, the students shall learn about how Social Entrepreneurship is changing the way in which businesses conduct themselves and why there is an urgent need for the younger generation to come forward with their inbuilt eagerness, commitment and ideas.

Objectives of the Event:

  • To discuss about the potential and practical impact of social entrepreneurship
  • To guide students at the cusp of their education, to become change-agents with concepts of social entrepreneurship.
  • To be able to find a sense of purpose and align it with professional development.
  • To sensitize students on the pressing need to look for opportunities for transformative social change.
  • To develop a sense of accountability for ‘giving back to society’


  • Prof. (Dr.) Jayanthi Ranjan, Dean SBS



Co-Ordinator Details:

Following are the details for the session:

Dates: Wednesday, 30th November 2022

Mode: Offline @ Chanakya Auditorium, Block 7, SSBS

 Timings: 1.20 PM onwards

Speaker:  Mr. Mohd Shamshul Arif, Chief Manager, Marketing and Sales at Sterlite Power.

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